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 Electronic Data Interface

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  • Direct and Indirect Communications
  • Communicate with Vendors
  • Inventory Availability
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • ANSIX12 - the Industry Standard
  • Electronic Purchase Order
  • Electronic Delivery Receipts
  • Price Quotes and Updates
  • Ace Hardware
  • Cotter & Co.
  • Do it Best Corp.
  • Emery-Waterhouse Hardware


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ProCom / Emery Catalog Link


Being unveiled at the Emery Waterhouse MarketPlace 2004 Show is the latest addition to the ProCom System, the ProCom/Emery Catalog Link.


What does it do?   Why re-type the item number into the Emery Online web site? Just find the item in your ProCom system and press one key. Your PC will switch to your web browser and display the Emery Online information for that item. Emery Information is just one key away....


Ask your ProCom sales representative for details...






traderoute.gif (2148 bytes)    We are currently investigating TRADEROUTE, the Lawn & Garden EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Solution from ARI Network Services, Inc.  This is a method by which Lawn & Garden dealers can transmit Purchase Orders, Warranty Claims, and Product Registrations directly from your ProCom Business System to your Manufacturers/Distributors.   Currently Ariens is offering a 4% discount on parts orders placed through Traderoute. Other participating Manufacturers will include:   Toro, Simplicity, Briggs & Stratton, Polaris, with more on the way.


Please ask you distributor or manufacturer how you can take advantage of this new technology... And let us know when you get it.



partsmart.gif (1743 bytes)  We are now capable of fully integrating Partsmart to your business system. While in Partsmart you can see current pricing and stock levels of parts from your ProCom Business System as well as seeing their bin location. A transaction list can be created in Partsmart and imported into any order in your ProCom System with the press of a button.







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