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We believe that the key to a good computer system is application programs and quality support.  Our staff will offer your firm the "personal touch", spending the time necessary to assure that your employees have a full comprehension of our programs.

Point of Sale and Accounts Receivable

This package offers comprehensive Receivables, Inventory Management, Order Processing and Purchasing capabilities.  The automatic internal interface provides an effective method of maintaining accurate and up-to-date information at all times.  Accounts Receivable includes claims against customers for goods sold or services rendered.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is one of the most important and powerful features of the ProCom Solution system.  Features include:  selection of record keeping (LIFO, FIFO, Average); serial number tracking; building items on the fly; price list interfacing; multiple location capabilities and many more.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module fully interfaces to the Purchasing system if elected and allows for entry of new payables, cashflow forecasting and check writing.  Accounts Payable also ties into floor planning of vendor products.


The Purchase Order system has been designed as an alternate way to receive items into inventory and track history by Vendor.  The completed purchase order is transferred to Accounts Payable as a verification of the invoice to be posted.  Both stocked and non-stocked items may be ordered and received, and orders may be received either partially or in full.

General Ledger

Our fully integrated General Ledger is one of the major components of the total system designed by ProCom to eliminate the inefficient, error-prone manual method of maintaining business records, and extracting management information reports.

Work Order and Warranty Claims  

ProCom's Work Order package is the perfect way to keep track of your service orders, providing easy access to orders by name, purchase order number, tag number and customer phone number.   In conjunction with printing warranty claim forms, the system will create a corresponding invoice charged to one manufacturer, split among multiple manufactures, or split between the manufacturer and your customer.

Companion Products

Additional features may be incorporated with the ProCom system through specialized software packages designed to allow credit card processing, electronic faxing, laser printed form production, and hand-held data capture for inventory counting and creating new items.

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