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Our staff will offer your firm the "personal touch" and address your questions, needs and concerns in a timely and professional manner. 

We offer:

  • Courteous and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Prompt, Effective support
  • Toll Free Phone Service
  • On-Line Modem Diagnostics

Technical Service Support

ProCom provides unlimited, one call, total system support via telephone (800 service for those outside the local servicing area) and modem diagnostics. Also, through DoubleVision, our staff can see exactly what's on your screen and assist you with any questions.

Following the warranty period, ongoing Software Support Services are offered by ProCom Solutions under a Software Maintenance Agreement. Software Maintenance covers both telephone and modem support.

Hardware Support

After the warranty period, support on your equipment is available through either ProCom Solutions or the equipment manufacturer.

Updates and Enhancements

Under our Software Maintenance Agreement, we will install all your updates for you on a regular basis at no additional charge. Improvements to software by ProCom Solutions are continually being made in two areas:

  • Updates and modifications to software features based on feedback from users
  • Software system design --- taking advantage of advances in technology to keep our software on the cutting edge

System Installation

ProCom will help you determine the placement of the CPU, terminals and printers in each of your locations to ensure that your installation moves smoothly and efficiently.  Your equipment will be fully tested and loaded prior to delivery and re-tested after installation to be sure the equipment is functioning properly.  

Data Conversion

With file layouts you provide, ProCom will write conversion programs at an additional charge to bring your data into our system. A ProCom systems analyst will work with you to pinpoint your conversion requirements accurately.  Data to be converted must be downloaded to an ASCII format.


Toll-Free Fax Line


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Your quickest communication to us is via Fax machine.  Your requests, problems and yes, error messages go directly into the support pool.  A qualified support agent may call you back to get more information, or even to say the problem has already been resolved (if your modem is on for us to dial in to check things out).  Please detail as much information as possible (including job number, printer name, error message, or anything else you think is relevant) on our new fax form, and send it to the new toll free fax line.  You will be very pleased with our response.  Anyone without access to a fax machine may still call in to our help desk to be logged in manually to our database.  Please be sure to make copies of the new fax form and distribute them throughout your locations.   


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