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Inventory Management
  • Multiple Pricing Levels
  • Contract and Discount Pricing
  • Promotional Pricing by Item and Location
  • Floor Planning
  • Bill of Materials (BOMP) for Assembly, Kits or Packages
  • Rebates
  • LIFO, FIFO and Average Costing
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Multiple Location Tracking
  • Min/Max Reorder Levels, Lead Time Reordering and Bin Location
  • Stocked, Non-Stocked and Miscellaneous Coding
  • Multiple Vendors per Item
  • Hand Held Inventory Tracking
  • Three Units of Measure per Item
  • Monthly Sales Analysis Information
  • Quantity Conversion Table Capability
  • A Full Range of Inventory Reports are Available from Stocked Status to Reordering, Backorders, Sales Analysis, Sales History, Slow Moving Items, etc.

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