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   Client Software for ProCom Login: 


Install Notes (READ First)


Putty for Windows 7, Win8, Win10, Win11-Pro


Putty for Windows XP,2000, WinVista


Putty for Windows 95/98 (putty-9x.exe)


Custom Putty for Moss Distributing (putty-moss.exe)

Custom Putty for Diamond Chemical (diamond-putty.exe)


   Client Software for additional features:


PCDatapipe (Latest)Version 03.00.02 (WinXP,WinVista,Win7,Win8 - Requires v3 License)

PCDatapipe Version 02.00.05 (Win9x,WinXP,Win2k)

PCDatapipe Version 02.00.04

PCDatapipe Version 02.00.03


PCAutoattach (Latest) Version 02.00.02 (WinXP,WinVista,Win7,Win8 - Requires v2 license)

PCAutoattach Version 01.00.04 (Win9x,WinXP,Win2000)

PCAutoattach Version 01.00.03


Topaz Signature Pad Software Driver (latest version from Topaz)

Topaz Signature Pad Software Driver (sigplus353.exe)

PCTablet (Latest) Version 30.00.03

PCTablet Version 30.00.02

ProCom Tablet Image


Partsmart Seamless Interface (Wbstcpio.exe)





*       Accounts Payable

*       Accounts Receivable

*       General Ledger

*       Month End/Quarterly/Year End Checklists and Procedures

*       Account Receivable Year End Quick Guide ---> NEW!!!

*       Payroll

*       Purchase Orders

*       Quick Screen

*       Work Orders

*       Report Writer

*       Reports and Listings

*       Backing Up on Unix


(Note: Right-Click and choose "Save Link As" to download the  files or “Double-click” to run)



If you have any trouble downloading any of these utilities, please contact ProCom Technical Services at (800-997-6777)






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