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   Client Software for ProCom Login: 


Install Notes (READ First)


Putty for Windows 7, Win8, Win10


Putty for Windows XP,2000, WinVista


Putty for Windows 95/98 (putty-9x.exe)


Custom Putty for Moss Distributing (putty-moss.exe)

Custom Putty for Diamond Chemical (diamond-putty.exe)


   Client Software for additional features:


PCDatapipe (Latest)Version 03.00.02 (WinXP,WinVista,Win7,Win8 - Requires v3 License)

PCDatapipe Version 02.00.05 (Win9x,WinXP,Win2k)

PCDatapipe Version 02.00.04

PCDatapipe Version 02.00.03


PCAutoattach (Latest) Version 02.00.02 (WinXP,WinVista,Win7,Win8 - Requires v2 license)

PCAutoattach Version 01.00.04 (Win9x,WinXP,Win2000)

PCAutoattach Version 01.00.03


Topaz Signature Pad Software Driver (sigplus353.exe)

PCTablet (Latest) Version 30.00.03

PCTablet Version 30.00.02

ProCom Tablet Image


Partsmart Seamless Interface (Wbstcpio.exe)





*       Accounts Payable

*       Accounts Receivable

*       General Ledger

*       Month End/Quarterly/Year End Checklists and Procedures

*       Account Receivable Year End Quick Guide ---> NEW!!!

*       Payroll

*       Purchase Orders

*       Quick Screen

*       Work Orders

*       Report Writer

*       Reports and Listings

*       Backing Up on Unix


(Note: Right-Click and choose "Save Link As" to download the  files or “Double-click” to run)



If you have any trouble downloading any of these utilities, please contact ProCom Technical Services at (800-997-6777)






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